Scorched (Tracers, #6)

Scorched is the 6th book in Laura Griffin’s Tracers Series that is a crime series that usually brings together someone from the police/FBI/Navy, etc. and a person working forensics to solve a case.

This book had the readers looking at Dr. Kelsey Quinn, a forensic anthropologist, and Gage Brewer, a Navy SEAL. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll remember we already covered these two in the novella, Unstoppable.

Scorched picks up with Kelsey and Gage having broken up because of the long distance and danger involved in Gage’s career. Kelsey is at a dig in the Philippines and finds the body of someone who clearly was disguising himself through plastic surgery. This knowledge gets her ex-fiance, FBI Agent, Blake Reid killed and sends Kelsey on the run. Gage is interviewed by the FBI as a suspect in the murder of Agent Reid and finds out the Kelsey is missing. Gage, being a SEAL, uses his skills to find Kelsey and the two work together with the FBI to clear Gage’s name and figure out who is behind Blake’s murder.

I really enjoyed this book, and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I liked that Kelsey and Gage are both stubborn and you see a realness to their relationship. You get to see how hard the long distance and danger is on them and how they learn to talk to each other through their problems instead of keeping their feelings to themselves. Many of the other books in this series seem to have less problems in the relationship than this one did.

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