I am back!

Hi all!

I’ve been a bad book blogger. 😦 I had some stuff going on and keeping up with writing and even just reading pretty much came to a stop for a bit. But I’m back now, and I think my reading for 2019 is kicking off at a good pace.

I didn’t hit last year’s goal of 75 books. I fell about 15 books short. But I’m refusing to lower my goal. So this year I’m trying for 75 books again. Hopefully, I make it–fingers crossed!

I have a bunch of draft posts I didn’t finish from last year so my main goals for the blog right now are to finish those up and post them so that you can read the posts of books I’m reading now. I am also hoping to expand past reviews this year, but we’ll see how that goes. After how I pretty much abandoned the blog last year I don’t want to overwhelm myself with goals that don’t come to fruition.

Anyways, I hope this finds all of you readers well and as always, Happy Reading. 🙂

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