BOOK REVIEW: The Summer Demands by Deborah Shapiro

I was so fortunate to receive a final copy of The Summer Demands by Deborah Shapiro in lieu of galley from Catapult Publishers through Booklist Delivers Summer eblast.

This book was a good summer read, making me want to be at the lake reading it!

The Summer Demands centers on Emily who inherits a rundown summer camp in Massachusetts. She’s just about to hit milestone birthday 4-0 and post-miscarriage. So basically, Emily has a lot of trauma she’s working through and getting older isn’t helping.

At first Emily and her husband try to fix up the camp in order to make it more of a glamping resort experience, but find permits too difficult to obtain and quickly this dream fails. One day while walking the camp grounds Emily finds that they have a “guest” living in one of the camp cabins. This guest is 22-year-old Stella.

Stella lives a free life. One that Emily wishes she could have, a life away from bills, finding a job, getting over her loss. It’s simple.

Emily and her husband allow Stella to live in the cabin for the summer. They begin a friendship. A relationship that becomes many things for Emily, and could cause problems with her marriage.

Shapiro does an excellent job of giving depth to these two female characters. I felt like I really got to know them, especially Emily. My only real critique is that I felt that the ending was rushed. There was so much detail throughout to build the characters and plot and then all of a sudden it was over and we fast forward to see where they end up in the future. I’m also not a huge fan of books that do this fast forward for an ending so that probably doesn’t help, but overall it was a decent read. Not really your normal light hearted summer read, but a good one nonetheless.

This book was released at the beginning of June–have you had a chance to read it? What did you think?

Happy reading 🙂

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