BOOK REVIEW: Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center

This review is going to discuss Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center. Before I received this ARC, I had never read anything by Katherine Center, and I am so glad that I received the opportunity to read this book because I absolutely loved it right from the beginning. I received an ARC copy through the #thingsyousavebook early reader campaign. 

This book focuses on Cassie Hanwell, a young woman who also happens to be the only female firefighter in her firehouse in Texas, but also one of the best firefighters. Cassie deals very well with other people’s problems treating them like her calls to a fire or medical emergency. However, she doesn’t handle her own trauma anywhere near as well.

When she was just a girl her mother abandoned her and her father. Being a girl, but the only child of a now single dad, Cassie grew up excelling at sports, and she pursued her interest in firefighting. But now, Cassie’s mother is ill, and asks Cassie to move across the country outside of Boston to be her caretaker. She doesn’t want to go, but between her father asking her to go and a scandal at the firehouse it’s the only way that Cassie can continue to work as a firefighter.

Boston is completely different from her Texas firehouse and it is difficult for Cassie to adjust to the sexism, but she does her best to prove to her new house that she is brave and capable even though she is a woman. In Texas, Cassie lived the life of a nun, never dating, and focusing on her career. That’s still the plan, but there is one very tempting guy that could make her resolve buckle.

I thought this book was written very well, and that the heroine had the right mix of personal issues to handle, as well as the romance. I never really felt like one half of that was ignored, but that they worked together very well. Things You Save in a Fire comes out TODAY 8/13/2019 so get out and find yourself a copy and enjoy Cassie’s story of courage, love, and forgiveness.

Happy reading 🙂

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