BOOK REVIEW: One Last Wish: a MM Holiday Romance by Alex J. Adams

Disclaimer: I received an advance review copy for free, and am leaving this review voluntarily.

Just before Christmas I read the short book One Last Wish by Alex J. Adams. The book is only 133 pages but is full of all the feels and readers will likely want to have some tissues on hand.

The story focuses on Blair Campbell who is returning to the countryside to visit his ailing grandfather, William Campbell for the holidays. While Blair has become a city liver, it’s clear he does enjoy the simplicity of country life, and is at home while caring for his grandfather.

William has a caretaker that cares for him daily, and they have also become close friends. Angus has been William’s caretaker over the last year and is quite protective of him.

It is quite wholesome to see how both Blair and Angus care for William, and while they are determined to dislike each other at the onset, despite their mutual attraction, they begin to realize that the other isn’t as bad as they originally assumed.

William is a sassy old man, and has a wish list of activities he wants to complete before he dies with the help of his grandson and Angus. I truly enjoyed the old man as a character. He knows his life is coming to an end but he celebrates the life he has left. I imagine him with a sparkle in his eye as he gets into mischief wanting to accomplish some of the items on his list that the reader likely wouldn’t imagine older people wanting to do.

The coming together of Blair and Angus is heartwarming, and even with the book being short, it’s not an easy coupling which makes them all the more real. There is hope, and disappointment, love, and hurt, and life and death in this book that had me feeling all the feels and wanting more. It wasn’t a fairy tale read, and I think the realness of the story made it all the more enjoyable.

I hope you readers out there pick up this title, as I know I want to pick up another by this author.

Happy Reading!